Tax Compliance and Planning

Deep Expertise and Comprehensive Tax Services

As a full-service public accounting firm, tax management is a core aspect of our practice.

Some of the common types of tax filings we prepare include

  • Individual income tax returns (Form 1040),
  • Estate and Trust income tax returns (Form 1041 and K1),
  • Partnership returns (Form 1065 and K1),
  • C corporation returns (Form 1120),
  • S corporation returns (Form 1120S and K1),
  • Gift tax returns (Form 709),
  • Federal estate tax returns (Form 706),
  • Florida Sales and Use Tax (DR-15)
  • Payroll tax returns (Form W2, Form 940, and Form 941)
  • Non-employee compensation and other information returns (Form 1099)

We can assist with individual and corporate tax returns in every state, including GA, NY, NJ, CA, and NC.

We also have expertise with state-level estate and inheritance tax in various jurisdictions.


We take a long-term view to help you understand, and minimize, your tax burden. Tax planning is a deliberate and strategic process. We are here to help you every step of the way.


We help individuals and businesses in many states and countries with tax compliance and tax planning. If you’re doing business across state lines or around the globe, we can help.