Audit and Attestation Services


Financial Statement Audits

At Flavin, Nooney & Person, we specialize in financial statement audits, providing an independent assessment to ensure your financial reports accurately reflect your organization’s financial status, in full compliance with accounting principles. Such audits are essential for businesses seeking to establish credibility with stakeholders, comply with regulatory requirements, or gain insights for improved financial management. Whether you’re a small enterprise or local non profit organization, our tailored audit services are designed to offer peace of mind and support your financial strategy. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in achieving financial transparency and reliability.

Compilations and Reviews

We understand the importance of precise financial reporting. Our compilation and review services are designed to meet your business’s needs, providing a less extensive alternative to an audit but with the professional assurance you require. Whether you’re seeking to fulfill third-party requirements without the need for an audit or simply aiming to ensure financial statement accuracy, our team is here to assist with expert care and attention to detail.

Agreed Upon Procedures

Do you need something beyond traditional services? Our Agreed Upon Procedures services offer tailored attestation on specific aspects of your financial operations. This flexible approach allows us to focus precisely on your concerns, providing detailed insights and reports based on predefined criteria. Ideal for when standard audits or reviews don’t fit the bill, our AUP engagements deliver targeted, actionable findings to help you address compliance, operational, or financial reporting issues with confidence.


Not-for-profit organizations and charitable organizations

Homeowners Associations

Condo Associations

Private, Closely-Held Businesses

Employee Benefit Plans

US Subsidiaries of Foreign Corporations