Non-Profit and Audit Services


Just about every business or organization can benefit from an independent review of their financial information from time to time. In some industries, this is required at regular intervals.

We represent all sorts of organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit in independent audits.

While we are a fully compliant in government auditing procedures, we do provide all of our clients tax audit representation – also known as “audit defense” during Internal Revenue Service or State tax audit situations.

As your representative, we develop a clear strategy to defend your position. To prepare for an IRS audit, for example, we assist you by preparing all requested documents, typically attend all meetings, and handle correspondence on your behalf.


We also provide independent audit services where our clients require or see a benefit from that sort of review – particularly from a tax strategy perspective. This, not only to avoid audit exposure, but to optimize your tax position.

This includes everything from simple audits to audits designed to meet agency-specific requirements, yellow-book audits and more.


Not-for-profit organizations, particularly charitable organizations that expend more than $750,000 per year are subject to specific audit and tax review requirements. We have deep experience in the not-for-profit arena and have guided many clients to success through challenging situations.