Accounting Services


A clean, clear strategy is at the core of everything we do as your accountants. Whether you’re an individual in need of an effective tax plan or you have deeper, more complicated business needs, we take a view of your needs from a perspective of making the most of your situation. We believe a successful strategy begins with a clear, personal understanding of your needs. The more strategic your approach, the more often you’ll meet with us and the more specific we’ll get regarding your goals. Make an appointment today and let us walk you through our approach that best fits your need.


As a firm with a longstanding and established history on the Space Coast, some of our clients have been meeting with us annually leading up to the annual filing of their tax return. There are many newer clients with whom we take a more proactive approach – annually establishing a formal strategy and meeting quarterly either in person or virtually to assess goals, success, and any adjustments that need to be made.


It is no secret that businesses have different needs than individuals. With our business clients, we start much the same way as our strategic individual clients. Beyond that, however, we establish a clear strategy to meet the specific needs of the business. That ranges from optimizing tax exposure to everyday needs such as book keeping, payroll, pensions, and profit – profit – sharing solutions. We integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks clients and consult as deeply as you need, right down to assessing and planning out your technology needs.